The Day of One Thousand Szekler Girls is the day of dance, prayer and folk costumes. „We desire a youth with strong faith, pure morals and solid identity.” Agreeing with those said by our forefathers, the Harghita National Szekler Folk Ensemble coorganizes Szeklerland’s largest tradition-maintaining event with Miercurea Ciuc County Town. We strive to strengthen the two pillars of identity, the prevalence of faith and tradition. When more than one thousand people put on their folk costumes the individual is strengthened by the community’s power. This is the basis of the Szekler’s survival.
JULY 5 - JULY 6, 2019
The Day of One Thousand Sekler Girls
In Miercurea Ciuc and Şumuleu Ciuc
3. The Day of the Thousand Szekler Girls
2. The thousand Szekler girls in 2017
1. The Day of the Thousand Szekler Girls - 2016
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