The Harghita National Szekler Folk Ensemble was born in the most Eastern region of Transylvania, in Miercurea Ciuc.

Our company, the Harghita Ensemble has been functioning as a professional institution since 1990 continuing the work of the amateur ensemble founded in 1970 under a similar name.

Our primary goal has always been the exploration of our folk culture, living that culture and presenting, popularizing and handing it down in an authentic manner.

In our folklore programs that have always been built on authentic material – given our geographic position – Transylvania and the Szeklerland have been prominent, but our shows also present the entire Carpathian basin, going beyond the Eastern Carpathians to the Moldova Csangos. Our repertoire also comprises several dance performances.

It is our pleasure to witness that our programs are sold out all over the settlements around Miercurea Ciuc, also among the Hungarians living in the diaspora, in small comunities as well as in large cities. Besides our regular home performances we have been able to display our traditions and represent the multiculturality of Romania, the Hungarian traditions, but also Transylvania, the Szeklerland and last but not least the community that has been maintaining us, Miercurea Ciuc, on international tours, festivals and events.

Besides stage work our institution has also been the initiator and organizer of important events: Assembly of Transylvanian Folk Violinists, the Day of One Thousand Szekler Girls, Csűrdöngölő – folk dance assembly for children and youth and Heritage – folk music and dance assembly of Mezőség. Dancers of our company assist and teach several children’s, youth and adult folk dance groups.

The maintainer of the ensemble is the Local Council of Miercurea Ciuc County Town.