The assembly of professional dance ensembles was born due to the need of the members and leaders of these institutions to meet in a top event where they can come all together to see each others' productions and to debate and analyse in professional panel discussions their current status and plans for the future. Since the very beginning of their existence, these ensembles followed each other’s activity and there has always existed a strong collaboration and mutual help among them; however, such a professional forum had to be created. The first Assembly of Hungarian Professional Dance Ensembles from Transylvania took place in 2000. Since then, with longer intervals at the beginning, later with yearly regularity the five member institutions have organised alternately this itinerant event.

The Harghita Ensemble was the organiser first in 2008, while in 2014 we had the honor to host the special tenth edition of the forum.
OCTOBER 21, 2018
Folk dance performance
In Târgu Mureş
In Târgu Mureş National Theatre (Piaţa Teatrului 1.), folk dance performance at 7:00 pm.
1. Örökség – Dalok és táncok Csík vármegyéből
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